Customer Experience and CRM

Our client was a department store company in the retail industry. The project they had for us was associated with the customer experience and CRM enterprise systems, specifically related to Salesforce. Often, inbound calls came in because customers couldn’t find their orders or because they ordered or received the wrong item.


The client was dealing with unsatisfied customers and a stressed-out customer service department.  Customer service personnel had to go into an order management system to find the order and then into a CRM system to get the customer’s name and address for verification. Due to this, the average call duration was over 10 minutes. We were brought on to optimize their customer support system, which was basically an inbound call center with just under 70 seats. The client asked us to give them our recommendations and we suggested Salesforce.


They already had an IVR system, which was intact. We were able to integrate this system and write a custom integration system with their custom order management system using a rest-API. Seven weeks later we completed the implementation phase of this project. We now had a standout instance of Salesforce integrating the customer information with the order management system. In the following four weeks,  we integrated the IVR so that when the calls were coming in, we were immediately able to pull up the Salesforce screen with past order history on the same page. We did KPI measurements at the end of the month when we went live with phase two. The average call time was now less than five minutes.​


The productivity increase of each customer service employee was unimaginable! With our solution, we were able to triple employee productivity. We could visibly see that they were less stressed, and we know that no customer likes to be on a call for over 10 minutes! This resulted in an improved customer experience, a reduction in employee stress levels, and tripled productivity rates. 

Increasing productivity in a business of any size can greatly impact company growth and increase the bottom line. Optimizing your enterprise’s CRM systems can be a critical method of enhancing your company’s customer relations workflows and establishing a better customer experience for your customer base.