Customer Experience Automation

We partnered with a retail energy client on a Customer Experience Project, in conjunction with a Customer  Automation and Notification system. The biggest hurdle that the client was facing in the industry was in regard to customer retention. They wanted to be able to engage with the customer and stay relevant to them, and they wanted the customer to be more engaged and involved in managing their own power and saving money. This aids in customer retention rates because customers avoid surprises.


We built a forecasting algorithm, integrating the results that come from our algorithm with Salesforce  (ExactTarget) to establish an automatic communication with each customer on a weekly basis. To elaborate, Salesforce was our Customer Relationship Management system, and that’s how they track and communicate with customers. We created feeds to provide data into Salesforce. Every year the CMO  uses that communication channel to cross-sell additional offerings to their customers. For example, for  Easter, the client sent a communication about preparations for an HVAC system during the spring leading into the summer months. It has become a really robust channel for engaging their customers.


Solving this problem for the client involved a really cool project because the first thing we did was build a plumbing system that prompts the Smart Meter Texas (which is the entity that made all of the smart meters in the state). We were then able to establish data integration with the plumbing systems associated with Smart Meter Texas. We were able to collect data at 15-minute intervals every night and put the data in a data warehouse. We built an algorithm, which not only parsed the datasets but also leveraged every customer’s past usage information. We also integrated the system with weather APIs to collect weather forecasting.


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