Customer Experience

Our client is a provider of specialized analytical software to support small to mid-sized hedge funds. They have their own in-house development team and sought out a partner to provide data consolidation and integration to feed their software platform.


Success in the hedge fund industry is dependent on collecting and synthesizing data from many different sources. Hedge funds must be nimble and make decisions quickly, often without complete information. In order to create the best possible experience for their customers, our client provides a single view to present all the information an analyst would need to support swift decisions.


One of the biggest challenges in providing the solution was to deliver a way to aggregate all of the required data from diverse internal and external sources, including accounting systems data sets, trade positions, market research data, trends, and stock market data. In response, CG Infinity built a robust, scalable, extendable data integration architecture with a built-in data quality engine. Alerts for inconsistencies are automatically generated during the data processing phase, before the data is loaded. Our remote team executes data integration, cleansing, and data quality automation nightly, outside of US business hours. When our client’s customers begin their day, they can be confident that they are making decisions based on current, high quality information.


The initial solution was delivered within 6 months, and the team has continued to enhance and optimize the data integration process. Each time our client acquires a new customer, we provide onboarding services to add that customer’s specific data sources and perform the initial data load. The data used for analytics must be current and high quality, but aggregating and cleansing data can be cost prohibitive, especially if these processes must recur daily. Consolidating and integrating the data from multiple IT business assets into a single system takes time and significant overhead. Utilizing the expert skills of external teams who have the required industry knowledge and experience, like CG Infinity , can help to mitigate costs and decrease the time required to complete such a critical set of workflows.