Customer Information System Assessment

Our client and our project were associated with application development and a CIS assessment. The problem that we were hired to solve revolved around a paper deliverable versus a software development project.


The customer had a CIS system which was developed 18 years ago, and the language on which it was written – regarding the database system – was on an operating system that stopped being supported by respective vendors over two years ago. To give you some context of how important this system is to this client’s business, it is responsible for 90% of the EBITDA that the company generates (over 250,000 customer accounts).


We were hired to assess not just the technical aspect but also the business aspect of the whole situation and to recommend a build versus buy-up option. Additionally, they asked us to recommend a transition plan or recovery plan for our recommended solution, which was equally important. CG Infinity aggregated a team of five experts, including retail energy business experts and technology strategists and architects. We met with all the business heads, with the CEO, and with the person who supported the existing CIS.


In 14 weeks, we built the deliverable of an enterprise architecture, reporting the issues present, along with the recommended solutions and timeframe estimates. We also gave them a roadmap, as they were operating in 12 different markets, which gave them a cut-over plan by market so they could review and add any migration risks involved. Ultimately, they took our advice and went on the build path and they asked us to produce a more detailed architectural analysis and design recommendation as well as a more detailed approach for the market migration. Creating a roadmap – and implementing that strategic plan – is a critical but challenging set of tasks for a business. Our CG Infinity experts can help with management, application development, and implementation of workflows associated with this endeavor while reducing overhead and saving time and money.