Developing a New Energy Usage and Billing Forecast Engine


Our client is a large energy provider and they wanted to send a weekly billing forecast to their customers.

The goal was to enable their customers to plan their energy use effectively and efficiently.

The entire forecast analysis needed to be based on Smart Meter Data.


CG Infinity built a forecast engine, CG-ACCURATE, to predict the Monthly bill in advance.

We built numerous features to help customers understand their energy bill such as usage patterns based on weather, day of the week, and time of day.

The billing forecast report also compared usage to the previous month.

Promotional messages and links were also added to the report to bolster marketing efforts.


CG Infinity built a custom forecast engine to help customers effectively plan for their energy consumption.

This solution resolved many paint points and customer frustrations by letting them track usage throughout the month instead of an end of month bill.

This created better engagement and communication between the energy provider and its customers.