Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Wealth Management Professionals


Wealth management professionals needed a CRM system that not only supported their pre-sales and post-sales process, but also met the unique nuances of their business processes.

Although Salesforce.com provided a robust platform, out of the box functionalities were not meeting specific needs of the financial services industry even with minor customization.

Our customer, with a strong wealth management background, wanted to build an add-on product to Saleforce.com CRM to support the entire pre-sales and post-sales process.


CG Infinity designed a SaaS product which provided a plug-n-play option on a Saleforce.com account.

It’s available in the AppExchange and downloadable as an option by the wealth management professionals.

Once the product is downloaded, this product automatically configures Saleforce.com to reflect specific fields and tabs for the wealth management professional.

We leveraged Force.com as a development platform and used APEX to build custom objects.


We followed Salesforce.com standard development and deployment practices to minimize time to market and ensure product acceptance by Salesforce.com.

CG Infinity developed secure, scalable, and flexible external integration (web services based) with several external financial services systems to make Salesforce a single source for wealth management professionals.