Written by: Hannah Thompson, Marketing Communications, CG Infinity Inc. Last week, CG Infinity was involved in two panel events relating to community impact. We hosted a discussion on the importance of “Giving Back to the Community,” and we led a session during DFW*ATW’s Executive Leadership Forum asking young people, “What about a Career in STEM?”. This week, we will also be heavily focused on giving back for North Texas Giving Day, and we will be matching donations made to DFW*ATW.

A Culture of Giving

I love that a desire to give back to the community is ingrained in CG Infinity ’s culture. Getting to be involved in those efforts is one of my personal favorite things about my role here. Being a millennial, I’ve been blessed with the innate desire to work for a company that is somehow working toward making a positive impact.

When I interviewed for my marketing role with CG Infinity , I remember physically checking off the box in my notes next to “Community Involvement?”. Lisa Jordan had just told me about DFW*ATW and all of the ways that CG Infinity strives to support its mission to promote women in STEM. I was immediately excited to be interviewing with a company whose people are focused on making an impact.

Since then, CG Infinity has given me the opportunity to be involved with so many initiatives to give back to the Dallas community and marvel at how our India team gives back to their community. See a few of our recent initiatives here.

These couple of weeks that we’re currently living in have been some of my favorites because we are eating, sleeping, and breathing the theme of giving back, and in my opinion, it doesn’t get better than that.

Giving Back to the Community Panel

Last week’s “Giving Back to the Community” panel featured Sarah Beeks Humphrey from Communities Foundation of Texas, Erica Yaeger from North Texas Food Bank, and Marilyn Kibler-Colon from DFW*ATW and was moderated by CG Infinity ’s John Humphrey. We discussed the importance of giving back, and it was a  great discussion overall. In hearing our panelists speak and then reviewing the recording from this event, I’ve been continuously inspired by our panelists. Some of my favorite quotes that I compiled for our key insights summary were the ones where our panelists of three different backgrounds, representing three various nonprofits, just outright praised each other’s work.

A Win for One Is a Win for All

Erica from North Texas Food Bank pointed out how Marilyn and the DFW*ATW team’s work comes back to help other nonprofits. She explained how creating avenues for more women to get excited about STEM and pursue a thriving career path in those industries not only keeps them from being food insecure and needing to lean on the food bank’s services, but it also helps their future families become financially stable and in a position where they can help others someday. That really struck me. There are so many awesome nonprofits tackling important issues, and many of these causes are intertwined in one way or another. A win for one is often a win for all when it comes to bettering our community.

The Employee Engagement Benefit

Another part of the discussion that really stuck with me was the conversation around the benefits that companies see when they commit to a formal social responsibility program. In this time, our panelists continuously came back to the benefit of increased employee engagement.

There have been several studies on the link between volunteerism and employees’ perceptions of positive corporate culture – especially in the millennial workforce. Deloitte’s study on this matter found that ”Millennials who frequently participate in their company’s volunteer activities are twice as likely to rate their corporate culture as very positive.”

Jumping Into Learning and Giving

If you can give, North Texas Giving Day is a great time to do that. Early giving is happening now, but the official North Texas Giving Day is tomorrow, Thursday, September 17th, from 6 AM to midnight. All the info you could possibly need is online here, from seeing your favorite nonprofit’s needs to seeking out nonprofits that focus on specific issues that might interest you.

Of course, this time is about giving, but as Sarah shared during the event, it’s also about building that foundation of community awareness and giving the community a platform to hear the stories behind nonprofits that may not be as well known. If you’re not in a position to give, you can always donate time to a nonprofit via the North Texas Giving Day website or take time to learn about the stories and mission of local nonprofits that you may want to get involved with in the future.

If your company doesn’t engage in giving back to the community, it’s certainly worth considering. If not for the sake of caring about your community, then at least for the sake of employee engagement and recruitment.

If you have more questions about why it’s important to give back and how you can get involved, I encourage you to check out this webinar recording and the key insights document. Our Giving Back to the Community event was indeed one of my favorites; there’s something for everyone to learn from these inspiring leaders. And expect to hear more from CG Infinity this week, encouraging you to check out North Texas Giving Day. We are so excited to be matching donations to DFW*ATW and spreading awareness about the importance of giving back.


Written by Hannah Thompson, Marketing

Hannah Thompson is CG Infinity ’s Marketing Communications Specialist. Hannah is a professional with over 6 years of experience in marketing, leadership, and community relations. She is recognized for her attention to detail, ability to exceed expectations, and her future-thinking mindset.

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