Mobile Native iOS Development

The Chief Marketing Officer of our department store client wanted to attract more Generation Z customers who were graduating from high school and going to college. The idea was to lure them in with some special discounts so that they could get engaged with the company brand.


The client called us with their requests and we knew that we could complete the app in just under two months and have it ready to launch just before the Summer season. The app could launch just in time to reach those graduating from high school.


The technology stack that we worked with was the IOS platform and Objective C. The C-level executive driving this project was under the direction of the CEO, who wanted to launch this in a very quick manner. We delivered this project in six weeks with a very positive outcome: in the first month of launch, they had over 8,000 students registered. App development can open

up new doors for a business to scale and excel, and can radically alter a company’s business model for the better. Developing an e-commerce system can often mean the development of a web application or native mobile application. Outsourced teams are able to leverage their experience to quickly build powerful apps that can help your enterprise reach new customers.


Though it was under heavy time constraints, we built the IOS app using the system where a  student could scan any QR code that would be emailed or messaged to them. After scanning it they would be prompted to download the app, being lured with some hefty discounts.

To utilize them, they would first be asked to quickly register, and would then obtain the associated promotions exclusively targeting students who were linked to the mobile app.  They could get a special discount either by using the mobile app or by going to the store and scanning in the coupon.