Omni Channel Application Development

We at CG Infinity worked with our retail client to enhance their Omni Channel Systems which required our expertise in application development and integration. We had earlier managed production support of the e-commerce phases for Omni where we refactored most of the back-end integration code to improve stability and accuracy of the data coming from the system to the e-commerce platform.


The client referenced that they had a similar set of integrations from the back-end systems to the POS system for their stores and were about to launch a mobile app which would present the same problem.


We knew that we could leverage what was learned from refactoring the integration system to build a common integration layer and expose them as a service so that whether it is an e-comm system or a mobile app, they are consuming data from the same input. This performance system comes with less maintenance headaches. Those were the drivers of why the CIO and VP of Omni Channel Systems asked us to build a common integration layer.


Shortly after delivering the integration layer, we were able to see that data consistency between systems was much higher, and maintainability of the integration layers increased tremendously. Having this ability to integrate business IT applications and assets helped to rapidly scale their business and build new business models, while increasing their revenue and improving the enterprise’s bottom line. Integrating business IT assets requires a complex set of tasks and workflows that can be effectively outsourced to expert teams, such as CG Infinity , to help a business rapidly scale and increase its operations.