Product Pricing System Development

The client for this opportunity was a smart-home technology and security company. This project was associated with developing a pricing tool system and included a high ROI product.


The client had a little more than 2,000 people in their call center. Customers were constantly calling for different reasons, but they figured out that only a handful of customer service people were able to empathize with their customers when they called. While they could not satisfy all the customers who were calling, they were able to upsell a few things to these customers, such as upgrading their package, adding cameras into their system, or adding automatic garage door openers, a thermostat, etc. Our client wanted us to observe what the highly productive customer service representative was doing and develop a framework to automate this as a job-aid to other customer representatives.


 In order to come up with a framework to automate the job-aid tool for other customer representatives, our team carried out this project using JavaScript, C#, .NET, and SQL server, with the first phase of the project rolled out in just 16 weeks. We had one lead developer and one business analyst here in Dallas and three developers in our New Delhi office focusing on this project.


In the first month after its rollout, the net additional revenue on this project was $150,000. Though we eventually stopped counting, there were more than a million dollars in additional revenue that this tool brought to the company during the first six months.

“The development of a critical software system can aid in a company’s growth and productivity and can also help an enterprise – of any size – meet its long-term goals, all while bettering the bottom and top lines.”