QA Automation

A large energy retail provider engaged CG Infinity to fully manage Application Development of their enterprise Customer  Information System.


This single system supported both the customer information and billing processes across the client’s entire customer and market base. The system was heavily used, with nearly 80 percent of the client’s employees accessing the system six to eight hours per day. The client had a substantial backlog of new feature requests and we targeted monthly releases to meet the demand for mission critical capabilities.


The ability to perform regression tests quickly and efficiently was a vital component of delivering at the expected pace without compromising quality. We established QA Automation as a key component of the engagement, allowing the team to test simultaneously with ongoing development.  The QA Automation team included two QA leads working on site with our client and five remote QA  developers.


Working for sixteen weeks, the team built over 700 automated tests and was able to bring the level of automation from zero to seventy percent coverage for regression testing. With QA Automation as a capability, we were able to maintain quality and extend the product at the desired pace. It could potentially require more time and overhead from a company’s internal teams to carry out large projects associated with automating an enterprise’s key internal workflows. Leveraging external teams who specialize in integration, production support, and automation projects, this can allow your business to cut costs, save time, and reduce overhead. All while obtaining critical automation systems that can help to significantly increase the bottom line. QA testing is a critical part of ensuring that business and IT systems are working correctly and efficiently. Automating QA testing can be an even more important aid in helping a business grow, and can help a business scale quickly with minimal overhead requirements.