Quality Assurance Automation Technologies

We partnered with retail energy client on a QA Automation Project, with a focus on SQL, Selenium, .Net, and QA  Automation technology stacks.


Our client had existing CIS’s and every time they made changes (whether regulatory or market-driven) their entire CIS was processed manually whether the CIS process was a  regression test, system integration testing, or new people doing testing. This was very time-consuming and was affecting their deadlines since the developer would give everything to the QA at the 11th hour and the QA would either have to take a shortcut or be blamed for the delay.


The idea to fix this issue was very simple. We built a regression test automation suite so that we could quickly make sure that the existing functionalities were not affected by the new features. We instituted a team of three QA automation specialists – one here in Dallas and two in our New Delhi office. In 12 weeks, we built and delivered almost 500 test case automation platforms for their two largest CIS platforms. This was important for the client because it actually reduced the testing effort required by almost 75% so if something was taking four days, it now takes only one day. Additionally, everyone including all of the stakeholders was more comfortable that a total testing process could be done from a  regression standpoint.


In the end, time-to-market and a higher degree of confidence on the rollouts were the two primary benefits. The ability to save time and money on QA workflows and projects is critical in SMEs and larger enterprises. Quality and Assurance testing is a critical part of every business. The ability to automate these workflows allows an enterprise to easily save on overhead and increase their bottom line.