Meeting Evolving Customer Demands

Customer Experience for Energy and Utilities

We know that customer demands are redefining the landscape in the Energy and Utilities sector. CG Infinity’s robust solutions meet these ever-evolving needs, providing comprehensive results for interconnection requests, lead & copper pipe replacement, EV charging, Rooftop Solar and more. 

Harness the power of efficiency with our energy and utility optimization systems, streamlining your operations and bolstering customer experience. With our robust IT infrastructure, you’ll not only satisfy current demands but also be poised to capitalize on future landscape trends impacting the Energy and Utilities Sector.  

With CG Infinity’s people first approach, we can navigate these changes with confidence and foresight, and to shape a future together where sustainability, efficiency, and equitable access are more than aspirations — they are realities.

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Mike is a systematic problem solver who is looking for the next enterprise-wide host of opportunities for which to design and employ creative solutions. Over the last 10+ years he built a successful reputation around challenging the “legacy processes” of large contact centers, developing and deploying innovative system, and automation, based solutions for maximum ROI and streamlining of business process.

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