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Even the most sound technology strategy needs a firm foundation supported by the business processes behind them. CG Infinity’s Energy and Utilities Business Advisory team understands this vital truth. We have decades of experience managing energy firms and provide a necessary service to our clients to improve efficiency, scale operations, and take new ideas to market.

Our E&U Advisory Team has deep technical and business knowledge in the challenges facing the industry today. We can develop new services that reimagine the customer experience and drive predictable growth. Our comprehensive digital transformation services successfully increase efficiencies and lower customer attrition rates for our clients. We improve outcomes whether in the back office, mid office, or front office.

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Closing the Gap on “Invoice to Cash”

Starting Point

CG Infinity was asked to deploy a C-Suite level interim role during a transition period. With the client and industry facing increasing competitive pressures and operational complexities, the appointment of an interim C-Suite resource brought significant expertise and experience as well as a fresh perspective to optimize processes and enhance financial performance.

The engagement included a deep dive into functional back-office processes such as enrollments, customer invoicing, remittance processing, credit, collections, commissions, and assisting in key areas outlined below. The largest challenge was how to improve the “invoice to cash” timeframe due to the complexity of the product structures the client offered, and the market and technology constraints that inherently existed within the client. This included a review to determine if there were reporting/data issues, a break in the process, or an overall process issue. Through iterative interactions with key stakeholders, we were able to effectively assess process improvements and implement short-term technology improvements to improve financial performance and set the stage for the medium and long term to continue closing the gap on “invoice to cash”.

The successful engagement also allowed the client the opportunity to search for and identify the best permanent candidate while maintaining and improving back-office functions.

The Problem

There were some key areas we were able to address and improve as outlined below.

Driving Process Improvements

  • Identifying process inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Implementing lean methodologies and continuous improvement practices
  • Enhancing operational agility and flexibility
  • Leveraging technology for process automation and optimization
  • Financial management and performance optimization


Assessing Financial Health and Identifying Areas for Improvement

  • Cost reduction strategies and efficiency initiatives
  • Revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Risk management and financial compliance


Implementing Process and Financial Improvement Strategies

  • Pre-engagement assessment and goal setting
  • Collaborative planning and execution
  • Change management and stakeholder engagement
  • Monitoring progress and measuring success
  • Knowledge transfer and capability building

The Solution

CG Infinity served as an interim C-Suite advisor for a major energy company amid industry challenges and a transition period. Our engagement addressed critical back-office processes and improved the “invoice to cash” cycle. Through process enhancements, lean methodologies, and technology optimization, we increased operational agility and financial performance. Additionally, our deep dive into financial health guided cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and risk management strategies. Our collaboration ensured seamless change management, successful progress monitoring, and capacity building.

Meet Jason Bear

Jason is an experienced leader with a strong background in customer operations and managing customer experience. With over 20 years of Retail Energy experience, Jason has the ability to work closely with all functional areas of the organization to deliver the business with a focus on customer satisfaction and revenue assurance.

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