Creating a 360 Degree View

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For most in the Energy and Utilities space, data persists in multiple databases. Your CRM data likely rests in systems that differ from the systems that house your billing data and EDI activity. CG Infinity knows you need to create a 360-degree view of your customer by bringing these two repositories together in what we call the single pane of glass.   

We help you do this through systems integration. We build a set of application programming interfaces, or API’s, that enable systems to exchange data without compromising the integrity of each system’s status. Through these services we can keep the Billing and Back Office team living in their system and Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care teams in their front office systems. But, when the customer calls, everyone has the information they need.   

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Jonathan has over 20 years of experience as a PMP and CSM delivery executive. He has focused his career on managing multiple business and technology transformation initiatives, building Project Management Offices, and leading organizational change through process optimization. He offers a blend of technical and business knowledge that enables him to be an advisor on initiatives of varying sizes, budget levels, and business impact. He blogs frequently about his lessons learned along his professional journey on his LinkedIn profile.

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