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A Brief History of CG Infinity’s Financial Services Team

Prior to establishing the Financial Services division at CG Infinity, our Leadership team had extensive backgrounds in a commercial bank, providing business loan and deposit products and services, treasury management services, and wealth management. The bank experienced significant growth during their tenure, starting with $2 billion in assets and eventually expanding to over $30 billion. As the bank expanded, it required a technology infrastructure that could keep up with its rapid pace. Our team was responsible for managing and developing various initiatives to support this growth.

As the bank continued to evolve and grow, it encountered typical challenges associated with such expansion. The team had to establish a Project Management Office to effectively execute the various growth initiatives. These included launching new business lines, introducing new product offerings, handling system conversions, implementing the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and constructing an enterprise-wide data warehouse. Our team members held leadership roles in Strategic Planning, Risk, Operations, and Technology, including the Chief Information Officer position. They also introduced an innovation lab within the organization, fostering efficiency enhancements that have carried over to their current consulting endeavors. Despite the challenges, our experts successfully guided the bank through this transformative phase.

Our Leadership team gained valuable, real-world knowledge from their time at the bank and brought this experience with them to CG Infinity. Other prominent members of our Financial Services practice have consulted for banks or worked at similar financial firms. Our Financial Services practice brings banking expertise along with technology expertise to every project and client we serve.

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