CG Infinity and Boltive Forge a Partnership to Enhance Data Protection

Fortifying the Frontlines of Online Privacy and Compliance

Dallas, Texas – March 25, 2024.  CG Infinity, a foremost leader in technology consulting, and Boltive, a trailblazer in data privacy solutions, have combined their expertise to deliver a wholly encompassing digital domain data privacy solution, custom-fit to spotlight organizational risk, design remediation strategies, and to protect your digital footprint.  This solution equips clients with critical frameworks and assets to identify, establish, and sustain digital domain data privacy principles.

The companies are formally announcing their partnership at the 2024 Internal Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, April 3, 2024.,

A sweeping trend across various sectors is an expansion of privacy initiatives to solidify data compliance. With the adoption of Boltive’s proprietary technology, businesses are now proactively identifying potential data privacy risks, effectively remediating them before they become liabilities.

This collaboration between CG Infinity and Boltive comes at a pivotal moment in the world of data privacy. Fourteen US states have passed comprehensive data privacy laws, encompassing digital domain data. Nationwide, the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Office of Civil Rights are expanding US data privacy enforcement. In the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation fines are piling on enterprise organizations’ desks. Today, nearly 75 percent of the world’s population is covered by a data privacy regulation.  The onset of regulatory measures concerning the privacy of digital data is gaining significant traction globally.

CG Infinity empowers organizations to bolster their privacy initiatives, safeguarding both their customers and the end consumers.  CG Infinity’s pride lies in its ‘people first + driven to transform’ approach to client relations, crafting tailored solutions that forge significant, positive changes.

“Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled data privacy safeguards to our clients, ensuring that businesses and, crucially, their customers benefit from the highest standards of data protection.  With Boltive’s innovative technology, we’re able to uphold these stringent standards,” explained Matt Pollard, Senior Vice President of AI Governance, Privacy, and Security at CG Infinity. “Our role transcends simply providing insights; we’re actively outfitting our clients with cutting-edge tools to ensure their operations are both productive and secure.”

Boltive finds that more than half of companies are sharing data with unknown third parties. CG Infinity and Boltive give companies transparency and control of privacy protection to allow their focus to remain on the business needs as well as on their consumers.

“We’re excited to team up with CG Infinity to help organizations correct privacy vulnerabilities before they become business liabilities,” said Dan Frechtling, Boltive CEO. “Together, we’ll deliver solutions that empower companies to maintain the highest data privacy standards, comply with the growing number of state and federal regulations, and foster trust with their consumers.”

Stop by the Boltive booth (#335) at the IAPP 2024 Global Summit to learn more about the partnership. For more information on CG Infinity, visit  To learn more about Boltive, visit

About CG Infinity

CG Infinity, Inc. is an industry leader in IT consulting, offering innovative technology solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We develop and deploy strategic solutions that leverage our software platform alliances and our expertise on best practices, delivering excellence in areas such as data analytics, cloud services, privacy, and artificial intelligence.  Our global vision and reach go beyond borders. With on-shore and off-shore resources, the scope of effective results expands from professional services to technical implementation. Our people-first approach drives world class customer value and experience.

About Boltive Boltive privacy and security software gives enterprises defense against unsafe digital media.  As privacy rights in the US and worldwide expand, these new rights represent the fastest legal and regulatory change in history. However, more than half of companies unknowingly share consumer data with third parties. Boltive Privacy Guard is the first pen test for privacy compliance, scanning websites, apps, and ads end-to-end. Boltive Privacy Guard is the only tool powerful enough to detect data-sharing vulnerabilities before they become liabilities. Enterprises gain transparency, control, and peace of mind.