Infrastructure Migration to MS Azure

Upgrading your internal business IT assets is critical to maintaining your market share and keeping up with the competition. Migrating key system resources and applications to the cloud can help your business scale and save money. CG Infinity and our teams of experienced consultants can help your business migrate important IT infrastructure components quickly and efficiently.


The project scope consisted of migrating the Client’s legacy application infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. The customer had an enormous application footprint associated with providing multiple point solutions to various functional groups within the enterprise. They were supporting 200 to 250 unique applications. The hardware, platforms supporting all of these applications were being hosted in their own data centers with older technology – Windows 2000 OS and Windows NT Operating systems.


The Client was trying to tackle multiple problems and execute an operating system refresh while reducing their data centers infrastructure by leveraging the cloud. Ultimately, the project was a combination of cost reduction and system rationalization. While the benefits were clear, the Client needed help with building a roadmap for the initiative. CG did an application assessment and, in six weeks, was able to determine configuration details and viability for migration.  We then recommended a prioritized  12-month roadmap to transition approximately  150 of the 250 applications.  


The project required a significant amount of commitment from both the Client’s IT and functional teams in addition to the CG team, which consisted of a project manager and a cloud architect in Dallas. We also had two technical resources, which had both development and dev ops skillsets from our New Delhi office. In the end, we successfully migrated, tested, and deployed 150 applications two months earlier than expected.