Integration Architecture

The project for this client was an application development project, which entailed the integration between the back office system and the Content Management System, the latter of which was WordPress.


Our team at CG Infinity did both the promotion and commission systems rollout and integration workflows along with integrating the CMS in one contract. There were some similar actors, issues, and solutions associated with the two core processes for these projects, with some distinct nuances. The nuances were associated with a specific problem due to there being two vendors – Exigo and the vendor who built the WordPress CMS platform – and these two had basically no integration. At best, the integration was a semiautomatic, offline process. This fact was causing way more effort every time we were making a change in one system, and taking us longer to reflect those changes on the other system.


Because of the high interdependency between the Exigo back office system and the WordPress CMS, to solve the major problem, we used this opportunity to build a scalable, flexible, and maintainable integration layer between these two systems. The resulting system allowed more seamless testing, which allowed for easier use and for data to be shared.


Ultimately the users were happier, and the time to market (for new changes) was faster. Developing applications may be a critical process that your business needs to scale. However, often, developmental projects can be done in conjunction with integration workflows that can help your business operate in a more optimized, efficient and robust manner. Application Development & Integration Projects can result in a myriad of different outcomes. To that end, it is important for all personnel undertaking application development and integration projects to have experience and skill in all phases of bringing an integrated business app to the deployment and implementation stages.