Living a GRITTY Life in Texas

Written by: Kathy Andrews, Principal, CG Infinity Inc.

This past week I often replayed the song in my head, “back in the saddle again!”. It seems to be an appropriate song for this Cincinnati gal,  who moved to Texas in 2005. I do love Texas, but things sure got crazy a few weeks ago!

The sun is back out and the snow is a blurred memory.  I have often thought to myself, the world really needs a giant helping of Grit. So, what is this Grit all about? Not the food, and not the Grits that Flo talks about in the show Alice way back when.

Here is my take on G R I T:


Grow from this time, get out of yourself, be a giver… strive to be full of Grit!  I have found the more I do for others, the less I focus on the Pandemic or any other uncertainties that pop up. You can see more and more companies taking on this philosophy even more today. It is nice to see. See… there is some good in this Pandemic! Stay positive; this too shall pass. When we were without power, I found myself working on improvising. Fortunately, I did have power about every 45 minutes. I felt like a hamster on a training wheel.  I started to make an extra cup of coffee while the power was on. This way, I could keep it warm in a Yeti when the power was off. It is the little things in life! I see more companies focusing more on their employees and their culture.  CG Infinity is now organizing “virtual water coolers” to stay connected with each other. A magician surprised everyone with our last all-hands meeting. Grit is living life like it is a marathon, not a sprint. Attitude. Focus. Be kind to yourself. Some days just are tough! Just remember… we are making history and will be in the books someday! Insert an eye roll from my kids.


Resilience. Just when you thought things were getting better… BAM! Here comes the snow, and now no power. Have you seen how Texans react in the snow? That is a pandemic right there. Resilience to me is being able to “weather” the storm, overcome it, and thrive. How do we respond, react, and transform in the most positive and productive way? Of course, it helps to be in the right industry at the right time, and in the right location etc. Real estate, for example, is booming and the industry is thriving. Try buying a house in Texas and you will see the stampede of buyers and homes being sold for well over their asking price. Quite a shortage of new homes due to supply chain and plenty of other setbacks.  Lowe’s is booming and one of the few businesses that had power when so many  did not. Resilient. Market Street shut down, no power. Meanwhile, Kroger was open and with fully powered generators. Resilient.

Josh Bersin shares Ten Keys to Resilient Businesses:


Innovation. You can see businesses that are “weathering the storm” or have pivoted to survive and thrive. CG Infinity has worked hard to “stand out from the crowd” by offering Salesforce solutions tailored to client’s needs. A new integration tool (Ignite) was also added to CG Infinity ’s services, offering our clients a low code and affordable Salesforce integration tool. As mentioned previously, I innovated at home while the power was on/off. I got tired of my coffee being cold, so I improvised. I made 2-3 cups and kept them warm in my Yeti. Ta-Da! Coffee is a big deal in my house! We even played Gin Rummy at night with candles and headlamps. Thankfully, sled riding on a cookie sheet I can now scratch off of my bucket list!


Technology. Technology has now become the facilitator of change and no longer the “need to change”. Some companies need to make decisions on utilizing the best technologies to stay in business. It is no longer a “what if” but now more of a “when” and “how quick” companies can adapt to change.  I was reminded of how much I relied on my technology when I could not even make a simple phone call. Where was my landline when I needed it? Wait… that probably would not have worked either. This February in Texas, we were all forced to suck it up, buttercup!

I would love to hear about how you are living with GRIT and how you persevered in a Pandemic, a snowstorm, a power outage, and a water shortage. They have always said things are bigger in Texas. They were not kidding!