Mobile App Dev For IOS & Android

Our client for this set of projects was a startup social media software company for sports and recreation projects. Before launching this set of Application Development projects, the idea was to fill the void because there was not yet a social media platform for college sports, such as for NCAA teams.


They wanted to build a social media platform with the mobile app, where different team members and fans could build their own teams, fan teams, etc. and could cheer their team on. Or, if they had tickets but were not able to go, they would be able to sell those tickets.


We were able to sit down with the client and take them through the whole planning process. Then we designed the overall architecture roadmap, including the user story for the first few releases. Finally, we built an eight-person team. The team included web developers, mobile developers, and QA engineers, with a project manager and tech lead based here in the US. We helped build this platform, and it took us six months to give them an Alpha release. Two months after the Alpha release, we were able to help launch a Beta release.


As for the client’s business direction, it was a difficult business to get into. The client underestimated the need for connection and marketing to undertake a venture like that. But, while the traction has been slow, the business is doing okay. They have taken on several different teams and leagues. In addition to NCAA, they were able to add the premier soccer league into the brand. Then they added golf, in which they extended the app to PGA tournaments. So they’ve taken a very broad approach from a sales and marketing standpoint. The beauty of this platform was that for us to add a different league, we were able to roll out that process in six to eight weeks. Developing an application – whether it is an iOS, Android, mobile, or web application – is one of the most critical ventures that a business can undertake. It can open up new doors of opportunity while giving your business an edge over the competition.