New Customer Information Systems

After a complex data migration project, an outsourced team of IT experts can help in supporting and enhancing your platform. This aids in scaling your business and increasing overall efficiency. Our client is a large retail energy provider and they were exploring options for Production Support, Application Development, and Platform Extensibility.


After successfully completing the migration of customer data to a single CIS and billing system for the client, we were tasked to take over the support of the new platform. The client didn’t want to build their own support staff with an already pending list of existing backlog items that required attention.  With production support, our primary responsibility was making sure that the system was performing as intended while our application development team implemented a set of new features every two weeks. The beauty of our model allows our clients to keep the lights on by maintaining business applications and simultaneously innovating new features to make the applications more efficient.


The technology stack associated with this project was Microsoft Azure, C++, .Net, and SQL Server. The  CIO of the company met with our teams on a weekly basis to review the status of the applications and helped us prioritize the backlog of requirements for the business at large. In our divided efforts,  60 percent was dedicated to addressing the backlog of new requirements, and the other 40 percent was spent maintaining the existing applications.


We successfully ran this project for two years until our client was acquired by a giant energy company that decided to move their books into their own CIS and billing system. Five months later our team rolled off the project as the purchasing company already had a healthy IT support and development practice in place. Instead of dedicating time and resources for building internal teams to support and build novel business IT systems, companies can save on overhead while decreasing time-to-market by hiring external teams of IT experts to aid in their internal initiatives.