Case Study

Accelerating Vision: Transformative Project Management

Starting Point

A major insurance company with a strong focus on security and compliance embarked on a project to migrate to the cloud. The client aimed to achieve several goals, including the creation of products in areas such as automated account vending, security/transitive networking, compliance attestation, and service health. They recognized the need for a modern operating model to sustain the continual development and enhancement of these products. The client envisioned a future where AWS accounts could be set up in less than a week, with reduced manual interventions and handoffs between teams. The project was meant to bring increased operational efficiency, cost savings, improved security and compliance, as well as improved agility and customer satisfaction.

The Problem

A crucial aspect of the project's success was ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of the newly formed Product Teams in delivering and supporting the desired functionality. The client encountered a major hurdle in supporting the Product Owners, specifically in comprehending their role and embracing the necessary mindset for engaging with internal IT customers. Recognizing the importance of addressing this challenge to ensure smooth collaboration and effective communication within the organization, they realized they lacked the required internal experience and expertise to fully overcome this obstacle. They needed the competency and focus of a third-party consultant to provide guidance, training, and support. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity partnered with the client to manage an extensive project to help them realize their vision by developing four essential tools. Together we developed a landing zone/account vending process, a security-focused product that addressed rotating credentials and key management, a transitive networking and Data Loss Prevention tool, and a self-service capability for service health. To support these tools, the collaboration formed dedicated product teams consisting of a product owner, scrum master, and 2-4 operations engineers. As a result of these efforts, AWS account setup time was reduced from one week to less than 45 minutes while making the process consistent and reliable across the organization, with every account having an audit trail for forensics and future review. Thanks to CG Infinity’s guidance, team members' assessed ability to deliver meaningful value to customers had improved by over 35%, showcasing the project's tangible benefits.


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