Case Study

Customer Billing Optimization Leads to an Increase in Revenue

Starting Point

A nationally leading tax consulting company based in Texas wanted to ensure their continued market dominance and better fulfill their mission in strengthening American businesses through expert corporate tax guidance. The company had a staff of about 1,500 filled with high profile industry names and specialists for every sort of corporate tax credit circumstance but knew their third-party time entry application was inefficient and error prone. This meant hours of lost productivity that could potentially limit the company’s continued growth and ability to support American businesses. The client needed to create a new time entry and management application better suited to the needs of a changing business and taxation environment.

The Problem

The client’s previous time entry application could only be opened and operated through Windows desktops and, at five years old, was already out of date. Each entry in the application had to be input manually and the application was designed with such an inadequate User Interface that employees were unable to check if the data they had entered was correct until well after the hours-long process had or had not completed. This poor UI meant a substantial amount of lost productivity and revenue due to both the sluggishness of the application and the time wasted discovering and correcting errors caused by the application’s lack of transparency. Based on the client’s data, the legacy time entry application was so disliked by their own staff that the app was only used once a week per person despite instructions to update the application daily. This resulted not only in a loss of up to date information and employee morale, but also affected numerous functions downstream of the application, such as billing and customer invoicing.

The Solution

CG Infinity determined the most prudent solution was to build a new application from scratch. Using an ASP.NET core with Web APIs, CG Infinity built a new time entry app that not only avoided the issues of the legacy application but also easily integrated with the client’s existing ERP and Accounting systems. Unlike the legacy desktop app, CG Infinity’s solution was a web application that allowed employees to log time entries on the go and on the job. The new application reduced time needed to complete the time entry process from hours, in which employees were unable to attend to other tasks, to minutes or less. The new application allowed managers to pull and check time reports without logging in to other programs as the legacy app demanded, and was transparent enough for users to check for and correct errors in near to real time. These improvements in the new application culminated in a significant increase in productivity and billing accuracy for each user. This, when spread out among the client’s 1,500 employees, resulted in a massive efficiency gain for the company and has led to an increase in revenue. Many of the client’s management team have called the application and it’s integration ‘flawless’ as it continues to streamline their business and improve employee morale.


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"Thank you so much for the Time Entry app! This app is great and is going to save so much time. This is going to be a huge time / productivity improvement for out teams."

–Chief Information Officer