Case Study

Cloud-Based Transformation for Long-Term Growth

Starting Point

A leading Data Analytics company specializing in credit scoring services knew they must enhance their competitive edge and bolster their business growth by upscaling their data storage and analytics capacity. They initially operated a Hadoop-based predictive analytics Spark application on-premises. However, they recognized the need for dynamic computing scalability and infinite storage capabilities to handle changing requirements and support future expansion. The presence of single points of failure within their existing data center's technology stack posed significant risks that had to be addressed. To stay ahead of the competition, they sought to implement a cloud-based architecture that would not only address these concerns but also provide the agility and reliability necessary to thrive.

The Problem

The client faced several challenges in the complex project. With their data center’s technology stack and data itself having developed points of failure, they knew needed to build a strong and flexible cloud-based architecture to correct these issues in a way that allowed for long-term growth. However, there were four different options for the client to choose from to solve these problems and they lacked the internal expertise to know for sure which choice best suited their needs. They realized they needed an external consultant to help guide them through both the decision-making process and the resulting project itself. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

With careful consideration of cost, maintenance, availability, and performance, CG Infinity guided the client to opt for the managed service approach, which came with a built-in BCDR solution. The implementation of Infrastructure as Code allowed for seamless provisioning and deprovisioning of the workflow stack, resulting in a cost-effective solution that leveraged the full potential of AWS cloud services and significantly accelerated Spark development. The collaboration ensured the architecture was designed to self-heal in the event of any single resource failure. The successful project brought increased operational efficiency, enhanced data security, improved performance, and tested resilience to potential disruptions to the client, allowing them to thrive within their industry and adhere to AWS best practices.


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