Case Study

Empowering Agile Data Transformation

Starting Point

A Fortune 500 financial services company embarked upon a multiyear effort to modernize processes and technologies pertaining to data for their largest business unit. Their on-premises data warehouse platform was underperforming due to technical limitations, performance issues, scalability challenges, and cost concerns. The client recognized that adopting new technology provided an opportunity to enhance their data management approaches from source to report. They needed to enhance operational efficiency, gain deeper insights into their business unit, and make more informed strategic decisions to keep pace with competitors and continue thriving within their industry.

The Problem

The ambitions and duration of the project to successfully modernize their data processes created various challenges. One primary concern was ensuring cost efficiency throughout the project lifecycle and maximizing their return on their investment. They also grappled with intricacies of data management and modernization, particularly in identifying potential pitfalls, designing efficient workflows, and implementing best practices, all areas in which there was an internal knowledge gap. To meet all these challenges while keeping this long-term project on track and under budget, the client knew they needed a third-party consultant to help guide them through their data modernization journey. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity partnered with the client to finish the transformation. The partnership began with the migration of analytics data to Snowflake on AWS, utilizing the cloud-based Data Pipeline tool dbt. Contemporary practices for Agile Delivery, DevOps, and Quality Engineering were put to use, ensuring seamless adoption of these methodologies by the client's teams. Additional modern practices for Information Management such as Data Catalog and Lineage, Data Quality, Data Stewardship, and Reference Data Management were integrated into the project. Initial data subject areas began to be implemented using the new technology stacks, paving the way for enhanced data management processes. CG Infinity helped guide the client to achieve greater agility, streamline operations, enhance data quality, and improve information governance.


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