Case Study

Enhancing Cloud Workload, Security, and Compliance

Starting Point

A client operating in the FinTech industry needed to ensure the secure deployment and operation of their cloud workloads while being certain they met with regulatory and compliance law. With the primary objective of reducing risk, the client sought to identify and rectify security gaps within their existing AWS environment. They needed to establish stringent controls for accessing sensitive data, safeguard it from unauthorized access, and fortify their security posture. The client knew they must be able to detect and swiftly respond to potential threats in order to compete and thrive within their industry. They aimed to bolster their reputation and ensure the protection of their valuable assets.

The Problem

The intersection of technology and compliance posed formidable challenges, requiring in-depth understanding and proficiency in the deployment and operation of secure cloud workloads. The client's team faced difficulties in identifying and solving security gaps within their AWS environment, as well as determining the appropriate controls for accessing data. The establishment of auditing and monitoring systems within the dynamic regulatory landscape required time and knowledge not readily available to the client. They realized they lacked the internal expertise to respond to these issues in a way that was both satisfactory and cost-effective. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity partnered with the client to create a strong foundation in the cloud using AWS, which offered scalability, reliability, and improved performance. Together we automated security controls based on the client's specific needs, implemented secure networks and access controls, and integrated their existing monitoring tools with AWS services. As a result, the client was able to create faster provisioning times, going from months to just minutes with AWS. Their infrastructure was fully compliant and operated smoothly, ensuring secure operations. Monitoring and auditing was set up to keep the process running in its proper tracks. CG Infinity guided the client to leverage the benefits of AWS, achieve compliance, and enhance their operations efficiently.


Financial Services


Southeast, USA



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