Case Study

Overcoming Critical Data Management Challenges

Starting Point

A prominent Orange County Credit Union aimed to establish a future-focused data warehouse platform and transition from on-premises to cloud-based systems. Their primary objective was to consistently offer top-tier Member Service experiences by achieving "One Version of the Truth", a unified and accurate data representation. The need for such a transformation was heightened by the lack of a standardized data warehouse and their reliance on a mere staging database. The challenges they faced were further intensified by the absence of a single reliable data source and self-service reporting through Dundas BI. Given an upcoming merger, the credit union recognized an urgent requirement for adaptable, scalable, and pristine data to ensure the delivery of high-quality reports and analytics.

The Problem

The client faced critical data management challenges that significantly impeded their growth ambitions. Their lack of internal expertise was evident in their reliance on a mere staging database and the absence of a standardized data warehouse. Using Dundas BI for self-service reporting without a dependable data source not only underscored this deficiency but also created operational bottlenecks. These foundational gaps became particularly troublesome as the credit union sought to expand, especially in light of an upcoming merger. The lack of a robust data infrastructure threatened their ability to effectively scale and deliver high-quality reports and analytics, essential for their growth trajectory. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

In a collaborative partnership, CG Infinity and the credit union embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the latter's data management capabilities. Over an initial 6-week assessment, CG Infinity worked closely with the credit union to craft a visionary data architecture, an operational blueprint, and a strategic implementation plan. Their synergistic approach then led to a 12-week Proof of Concept (POC) using Snowflake and Matillion, not only validating the preliminary design but also laying the groundwork for a robust ABC SOA framework. During the pivotal 14-week Phase 1, they collectively leveraged platforms like Azure, Snowflake, Boomi, and Matillion to realize the union's goals. Through in-depth interviews and interactive sessions, the partnership crystallized a state-of-the-art cloud-based data structure, introducing innovation with tools and agile methodologies. CG Infinity's commitment extended beyond mere technical solutions, as they also facilitated workshops to address the union's internal challenges, ensuring a unified move towards cloud migration. Following these foundational steps, the credit union entrusted CG Infinity with a 12-week pilot, culminating in a 14-week endeavor that unveiled the inaugural production release, underscoring the project's success and the strength of their partnership.


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