Case Study

Unlocking the Power of the Cloud

Starting Point

A global asset manager overseeing $6T in assets began a journey to transition into a leading technology firm within the financial services industry. The client aimed to shift focus toward becoming a technology-first company, expanding offerings to customers. To achieve this, the client sought to modernize its platform by harnessing the power of public cloud services. With the goal of addressing regulatory and compliance challenges, the client aimed to establish a strong internal governance model that ensured security controls and processes were effectively implemented. To reinforce their position as a leading global player in their industry, the client knew they needed to build a solid foundation across multiple cloud providers.

The Problem

The escalating regulatory and compliance pressures the client faced demanded their immediate attention. This caused them to see the importance of developing a healthy internal governance model to safeguard their security controls and processes while transitioning to the cloud. The client quickly realized this undertaking required specialized expertise and guidance which they lacked internally. Their aim to establish a foundation across multiple cloud providers grew increasingly complicated, pushing beyond the bounds of what was possible with the client’s in-house technology team. If they wanted to fully transform into becoming a technology-first firm within the financial services industry, they needed outside help. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity collaborated closely with the client to develop a comprehensive governance model and implement processes to effectively manage the introduction, placement, consumption, and lifecycle of cloud services. Leveraging their expertise, the CG Infinity team successfully architected and constructed a robust cloud foundation to support critical application and infrastructure initiatives, ensuring best-in-class performance. CG Infinity guided the client toward a well-defined roadmap that outlined a structured wave plan to address a backlog of key events. This provided the client with the necessary framework to navigate regulatory and compliance requirements while maintaining security and operational efficiency. CG Infinity's strategic guidance and actionable roadmap ensured a smooth transition and optimization of cloud operations for the client.


Financial Services


Northeast, USA