Configurable User Interfaces and Business Logic for Improved UX


An energy and utilities consulting agency performs assessments for utility companies and suggests how investments should be calibrated. They help utility companies create investment strategies.

Every utility company operates differently and has different priorities. This results in completely unique application needs for each one.

This consulting company needed a product that could be utilize for multiple customers with minimal changes.


The end result needed to be a configurable application divided into modules.

  • App Configurator
  • Strategic Configurator
  • Investment Optimizer

The Application and Strategic Configurators allowed the consulting company to configure this existing tool for new customers.

The Investment Optimizer module was a data driven user interface and logic module so it allowed the consulting company to create custom interfaces to meet their customers’ needs. This also allowed them to attach business logic as needed to show the customer’s operations and priorities.

We also created a library of scoring pages which made it the configurable application easy to use.


Reduced time to market.

Reduced development cost for new customer.

Products became more manageable .

Minimum time to address any change request.