Data Migration to New CIS and Billing Systems

In this project our client was a large energy retail provider. The business challenge was associated with data migration, needing to move customer accounts to a new Customer Information System (CIS) and billing platform.


CG Infinity was hired to merge two different CIS and billing systems into one. The original billing system was “homegrown” and the other was an off-the-shelf solution. While the client was growing their customer base in different markets, they lacked a single view of how many customers they had and how much was being billed. This made it extremely difficult to create insights out of their customer data. The client had a large book of business consisting of 225,000 plus customers across 17 different markets. After deciding to transition to a single CIS and billing system, our client asked us to support the migration efforts of all 225,000+ customer accounts from two different systems to a new system that they had purchased.


We accomplished the entire project in just under 20 weeks. The outcomes of this project made us realize that we were bringing together data from two different data models. However, there was no commonality in the nomenclature between the schema and the data model. This required heavy lifting in our workflows to make sure that we were not just moving data, but were also moving customer information. There is a difference between data and customer information (data plus context). We had to assure that we were moving data with context while simultaneously aggregating it all.


Sometimes, it is advantageous for a company to migrate, integrate, and consolidate its business IT assets. Doing so can increase the bottom line and improve the efficiency of consolidated systems. Outsourced IT teams, such as CG Infinity , can handle all migration, integration, and consolidation workflows.