Developing a Smarter Commission Engine for Sales


This retail energy provider, with over 300,000 customers, wanted to enter new markets across the U.S.

In the world of retail energy, sales are done via different sales partners and brokers.

With this project, the challenge was to engage with sales partners in new markets and provide them with a solution to view their commissions statement.

We were also challenged to create dynamic commission plans to attract more customers and pay right amount to the sales partners.


CG Infinity built and implemented a web portal for sales partners and brokers. We integrated this portal with the sales portal and the finance system.

Our newly built web portal provides access to projected and past commission calculations.

We also implemented a commission plan configurator for the sales partners and brokers.

With the commission plan configurator we also designed a commissions approval workflow.


Sales partners and brokers now have a web portal where they can login and check their commission.

They can also check how their revenue forecast looks.

The new system has a workflow for utility companies to approve or reject the commission payments.

The client also has the ability to generate new commission plans to attract customers.