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Energy and Utilities Business Advisory

Even the most sound technology strategy needs a firm foundation supported by the business processes behind them. CG Infinity’s Energy and Utilities Business Advisory team understands this vital truth. We have decades of experience managing energy firms and provide a necessary service to our clients to improve efficiency, scale operations, and take new ideas to market.

Our E&U Advisory Team has deep technical and business knowledge in the challenges facing the industry today. We can develop new services that reimagine the customer experience and drive predictable growth. Our comprehensive digital transformation services successfully increase efficiencies and lower customer attrition rates for our clients. We improve outcomes whether in the back office, mid office, or front office.

Case Study Business Advisory Project

Starting Point

Unlock the power of your data with unparalleled expertise. Data transparency is more critical than ever in today’s data-driven Energy and Utilities landscape. Our cutting-edge Data Transparency solutions, backed by our team of industry experts, empower your organization to access, understand, and utilize your data to drive decision-making and fuel growth.

The Problem

CG Infinity’s suite of tools and services will help ensure data accuracy, compliance, and security while gaining valuable insights to optimize operations and drive innovation in your business. Our Data Transparency solutions and industry expertise provide you with the confidence and clarity needed to navigate the ever-changing Energy and Utilities landscape and stay ahead of the competition. Experience the benefits of seamless data integration, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting.

The Solution

We help you do this through systems integration. We build a set of application programming interfaces, or API’s, that enable systems to exchange data without compromising the integrity of each system’s status. Through these services we can keep the Billing and Back Office team living in their system and Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care teams in their front office systems. But, when the customer calls, everyone has the information they need.



Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan has over 20 years of experience as a PMP and CSM delivery executive. He has focused his career on managing multiple business and technology transformation initiatives, building Project Management Offices, and leading organizational change through process optimization. He offers a blend of technical and business knowledge that enables him to be an advisor on initiatives of varying sizes, budget levels, and business impact. He blogs frequently about his lessons learned along his professional journey on his LinkedIn profile.

Pratik Malviya

Pratik has over 13 years of technology experience. He has a background in planning and managing cross-functional projects. He is skilled at group facilitation and enjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions. Pratik has managed a broad array of projects in industries ranging from financial services, retail, and energy to direct selling. As he has worked on CG Infinity’s India and US teams, he has the advantage of understanding both worlds which helps him manage global delivery teams.

Jason Bear

Jason is an experienced leader with a strong background in customer operations and managing customer experience. With over 20 years of Retail Energy experience, Jason has the ability to work closely with all functional areas of the organization to deliver the business with a focus on customer satisfaction and revenue assurance.

Kris Hertel

Kris is a senior-level, subject matter expert and growth optimization leader in the retail energy market sector. He provides executive leadership and corporate direction, excelling in new business generation through direct and indirect sales channels, team building and performance management.