Transforming the Energy and Utilities Sector

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud with Expert Support

Unlock the power of Salesforce’s Energy and Utilities Cloud, EUC for short, backed by the support of our highly skilled and experienced industry professionals. Salesforce’s EUC is designed specifically to meet the unique challenges faced by the Energy and Utilities sector. The EUC enables organizations to hit the ground running with pre-configured processes and user journeys that can be customized to meet your business’s unique needs. 

CG Infinity has deep experience implementing Energy and Utilities Cloud and in building custom solutions in Salesforce suited to the demands of Utilities and Retail Energy Providers. With Salesforce’s EUC, along with our team of experts, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving Energy landscape.

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Replacing Legacy Infrastructure

The Tipping Point

CG Infinity revolutionized a large-sized retail energy provider’s systems, replacing legacy infrastructure with a robust API layer for data unification. This optimization led to an increase in website conversion rates from 1.25% to 16%, a surge in the customer base from 80K to 200K within two months, and added $7M to the margin, cementing this client’s position in the retail energy market.

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Meet Nathan Gastineau

Nathan has been working with technology in the energy and utilities industry since 2007. He’s passionate about helping companies implement technology that will improve customer experiences, hasten the transition to clean energy, and help customers conserve water. He has experience in Salesforce CRM, CIS/UB, MDM, GIS, field service, customer self-service portals, contact center transformations, and program management.

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