25 Years of Unwavering Support

Systems Lifecycle Support for Energy and Utilities

CG Infinity supports anything we touch, and we care for your systems. This is a promise we’ve kept for 25 years. We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes across a range of industries, and we have solutions for systems management.

We build software with maintenance in mind. Our specialists will guide you through our TechCare process that encompasses: planning, design, implementation and maintenance. We have the skills, experience and tools to ensure your systems are always up and running.

We maintain and upgrade your legacy systems, ensuring they continue to meet your business needs. Our specialists give your systems the detailed attention they require. And, when the time is right, we’ll help you migrate and integrate to something new. Our specialists know integrations and will help you every step of the way.

In addition, our experts ensure your systems stay safe and up-to date. We work with you to develop a security strategy that meets your needs, implementing security controls, monitoring for threats, and responding to security incidents.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The Tipping Point

CG Infinity modernized a mid-sized retail energy provider’s CRM platform, migrating from an aging legacy platform to a Salesforce solution. This strategic shift enhanced customer experience, reduced manual effort by 20% and inbound call volume by 30%, and delivered a comprehensive 360° customer view to the organization. Our successful project helped reposition the client for strategic growth and digital agility.


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Meet Pratik Malviya

Pratik has over 13 years of technology experience. He has a background in planning and managing cross-functional projects. He is skilled at group facilitation and enjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions. Pratik has managed a broad array of projects in industries ranging from financial services, retail, and energy to direct selling. As he has worked on CG Infinity’s India and US teams, he has the advantage of understanding both worlds which helps him manage global delivery teams.

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