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Watt’s New? Season 1

Episode 1 | What Does Texas House Bill 1500 Mean for Us?

This episode dives deep into the world of energy legislation, unraveling the bill’s implications for our future. Nathan Gastineau and Jason Bear explore the bill’s impact and its significance for the energy landscape.

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Episode 2 | Is the Energy & Utilities Cloud Right For You?

This episode focuses on the impact that the Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud can have on a company. This interview between Nathan Gastineau of CG Infinity and Jonathan Kim of Salesforce previews Dreamforce 2023 and the incoming EUC capabilities and enhancements.

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Episode 3 | How is Orlando Utilities Commission Helping EV Drivers?

This episode explores an important project of the Orlando Utilities Commission, making electric vehicle charging stations more accessible in the Orlando community. This interview between Nathan Gastineau of CG Infinity and Thomas Nealssohn of OUC features a conversation about how OUC is evolving to make the customer experience better.

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Episode 4 | How Has Digital Transformation Made Gas South a Fuel for Good?

This episode focuses on how Gas South has dedicated itself to being a fuel for good. In this interview between Jonathan Goldstein & Nathan Gastineau of CG Infinity and Kevin Greiner & David Malone of Gas South, we explore how Salesforce can be integrated into the renewable energy business in order to make customer lives, employee lives, and communities better.

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Episode 5 | Should We Change Time Of Use Rates?

This episode dives into the current Time of Use rates and whether they should change to better reflect when people are using the most electricity. Join Nathan Gastineau and Jason Bear in this fascinating conversation!

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Episode 6 | Are Electric Vehicles Actually Good for the Environment?

This episode dives into the impact of EVs on the environment and how they can affect our energy future. Join Nathan Gastineau and Jason Bear in this important conversation and see how you can help our environment continue to prosper!

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Episode 7 | How Do Solar Panels Impact Our Future Environment?

Uncover the transformative power of solar panels in our environment and explore their journey toward carbon neutrality in this episode of Watt’s New? This discussion between Jonathan Goldstein and Jason Bear will cover everything from types to costs, and the feasibility of embracing solar energy for a sustainable future.

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Episode 8 | What's Your Natural Disaster Business Plan?

Is your business prepared for the worst? In this episode of “Watt’s New?” find out how planning for natural disasters can benefit your company. This discussion between Jonathan Goldstein, Jason Bear, and Nathan Gastineau will explore how a natural disaster can turn into an energy disaster and what your business needs to be successful during a weather emergency.

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Episode 9 | How is the Biden Administration Investing in Our Energy Future?

The Biden Administration just announced $3.46 billion for 58 projects across 44 states to strengthen electric grid resilience and reliability across America. In this episode of “Watt’s New?” Jonathan Goldstein and Jason Bear dig through the details so you don’t have to!

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