Cyber Group Announces Name Change and New Branding Initiative

IT Consulting Company Creating Buzz for its Salesforce Innovations and People-First Culture Now Named CG Infinity

Plano, TX — May 9th, 2022 — Cyber Group, a leader in technology consulting services, announced today it had completed a major rebrand, officially changing its name to CG Infinity, symbolizing its ability to take clients on an endless journey to new heights.

People First + Driven to Transform

The Texas-based company, named one of the 100 Best Places to Work by The Dallas Morning News, says the change reflects its philosophy of moving companies beyond IT and taking them to the next level.

“In today’s environment, we believe all businesses are tech businesses,” says Saurajit Kanungo, President at CG Infinity.

“In tech, change is constant,” adds Jim Smelley, author at CG Infinity. “Every year, we move beyond what we were able to do just the year before. And like the environment we work in, Cyber Group is also changing and moving beyond what we were. Our new name, CG Infinity, respects where we’ve come from while reaching out toward a boundless future for our team and clients.”

For over 24 years, CG Infinity has been well-known amongst its Energy and Financial Industry clients but will now expand its offerings with the intention of becoming “the most sought after Salesforce partner for mid-sized companies”. CG Infinity’s rebranding initiative also coincides with a refocused and aggressive expansion into energy, utilities, and financial services verticals.

“Salesforce has highly verticalized offerings, including the Energy and Utilities Cloud and Financial Services Cloud. We want to be known as the best Energy and Utilities Cloud and Financial Services Cloud implementer,” says Jonathan Goldstein, Senior Vice President – Energy + Utilities Services

The company will also be adding more jobs and purchasing a 33,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility for its headquarters in Plano, Texas where customers and CG Infinity team members can conduct an “innovation lab on what technology can do for their businesses,” says Mike Rochelle – Vice President of Cultural Growth.

While expanding under this new initiative, CG Infinity says it will still hold onto its core values of Integrity, Value and Excellence. Its people-first culture is not just lip service. In fact, CG Infinity has one of the highest employee retention rates within its market. Consultants work in small, blended, diverse teams, each led by a department V.P., ensuring accountability and greater client satisfaction.

“Their culture is special,” says Eric Arcacha, whose brand advisory firm Chart+Foster Co worked closely on the rebrand. “They also excel at humanizing an historically cold industry.”

Those human-interest values and initiatives extend beyond its workplace. The company was also recognized by the Communities Foundation of Texas’s “Be In Good Company” program. It plans to continue to be an integral contributor and partner in the community.

“Our company has a commitment to giving back. Whether working with local organizations, like DFW Alliance of Technology and Women or coordinating blood drives overseas, giving back is at our core” says Brad Darby, Director of Brand Marketing.

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