Mike Parish Joins CG Infinity as VP of Customer Experience

DALLAS / FORT WORTH, Texas, (July 26, 2022) – CG Infinity Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Mike Parish as Vice President of Customer Experience. “Mike Parish knows customer experience is no longer an intangible benefit. He is a leading CX practitioner in the nation who has perfected the art of harnessing customer data and AI into measurable business gains quarter over quarter,” says CG Infinity President, Saurajit Kanungo. “Mike leading our CX practice will benefit CG Infinity in helping all our clients drive their customer experience agendas and measure benefits.”

Integrating your marketing automation platform to your enterprise systems is just the beginning. CG Infinity can help you design, build, and automate your customer journey and omni-channel campaign structure. “I’ve run a lean AI and automation team, made up almost entirely of CG Infinity employees, for the past 5+ years. Working with them is nothing short of infectious,” says Mike Parish on what led him to CG Infinity and how he can help their clients. More than that, he’s excited to do so. “The builds we’ve created, the enthusiasm that we exude together, how we learn together – all of it leaves you happy to come back to work the next day,” says Mike.

“I’m convinced that with the path that this company is on, there are no limits to our growth – and I’m excited to utilize my skill and expertise to build another arm of this business,” says Mike Parish on his hiring to lead CG Infinity’s CX Practice. A natural technologist and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a preference for creating alternative ways to progress, Mr. Parish excels in innovating automation and integration structures and cannot wait to utilize his diverse skillset to guide CG Infinity’s clients through their customer experience transitions.

CG Infinity is a 24-year-old company committed to servicing clients with their best interests in mind. We leverage Salesforce platform technologies to help our customers get close to their customers. With offices in Dallas, Houston, Albuquerque, Little Rock, and New Delhi employing over 300 people worldwide, our company’s proven veteran leadership allows clients to be guided by experienced advisors.