Product Development for Enterprise Mobile Device Management


The client was having challenges keeping up with the development of new features and fixing defects in their new Enterprise MDM product suite on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Serious defects were popping up at the last minute and time to market was the key driver for executive management.

The client wanted a SWAT team from CG Infinity to focus on defect fixing, to allow their core competence in-house developers to stay focused on feature development.


CG Infinity undertook a quick assessment of requirements, architecture, testing, data migration, training and deployment.

We added 12 development resources and 4 quality assurance resources to the team to speed up defect fixing and automate quality assurance.

We secured executive sponsorship of the new approach and took control of the project with our experienced project management team.


CG Infinity automated quality assurance for the project and executed automated tests for every release, speeding up development and QA time.

Our team of engineers quickly picked up on the details of the project and became experts in their focus areas and we became the go-to resource for defects as well as trusted partners for feature development.

The product was launched on time.