Salesforce CRM Lead Management System

Our client is in the home security business and relies 100 percent on their dealers as their sales channel to capture new customers. When they became the second-largest market shareholder, naturally, more prospects were visiting their website, so they did not want to lose those leads. 


Implementing a robust CRM enterprise suite can help a business scale by allowing them to more effectively reach and maintain new customers. The client did not want to build their own Salesforce CRM to prospect those leads so they came to us to see how we could capture their leads and funnel them to the right dealers. This project is associated with our implementation of Salesforce CRM on our client’s behalf for their Lead Management System.


In our experience, it is common for multiple dealers to serve the same set of leads. We wanted to build a system to link up with all five dealers, but we wanted to also measure who was the best performing dealer in terms of conversion rates. If Dealer A was number one in conversion, we would channel the lead to Dealer A first, but the dealer only has 24 hours. If they do not accept the lead, it automatically goes to Dealer B, who is the second-best converter. This was the opportunity we were trying to automate and the result was interesting because we actually turned that opportunity into a gamification, or into a competitiveness among the dealers. 


We we kept the logic very simple while still producing a dynamic performance management tool. We used the Salesforce system to automate that process and built a very small custom object in Salesforce to manage the performance. Our team was able to take a corporate pain point, optimize the issues at hand, and turn it into an opportunity for greater growth. In the end, we helped our client save money and time and also helped scale and optimize short-term workflows and long-term goals for a more efficient and productive future.