Salesforce Loyalty Program

The client for this opportunity was a retail department store company whose objective was to enhance the overall experience of its core customers. CG Infinity ’s role was to assist the client in evaluating and then develop a new loyalty program leveraging their existing Salesforce platform. They wanted to launch a loyalty program that encompassed the different channels they operated in, which were primarily e-commerce and retail stores.


After a requirements vetting and vendor review process, it was apparent that the optimal solution was to build on top of Salesforce as the company had made the prior decision to house their customer data on the Salesforce platform. In addition to enabling Salesforce’s extensive capabilities, it reduced the complexities of having to integrate with external systems in order to keep the data in-sync. Custom API’s were developed to provide access to loyalty data across the point of purchase channels including e-commerce, POS and mobile.


The client evaluated several specialty loyalty program solutions across several platforms, including hosted, Cloud and SaaS. One option under consideration was extending their existing Salesforce instance functions. Initially, we assisted in carrying out an objective assessment analyzing the “build versus buy” question. They then charged us with executing on the build strategy and developing loyalty functions, which were completed in 16 weeks, and consisted of application construction as well as API integrations to all e-commerce stores, the sales system, and the POS system.


Custom development, even on an existing internal IT asset, can require a significant amount of investment in terms of management, time and money. CG Infinity was able to execute the critical integration, customization procedures, and workflows in a manner that allowed the client to stay focused and continue to scale the business while also saving substantial capital and resources. The effort put into developing and customizing the key loyalty program greatly contributed to optimizing the overall client’s customer experience model, driving sales; and by leveraging CG Infinity , with its experienced consultants and efficient delivery model, helped to maximize the benefits of the project.