Case Study

Accelerating Business Agility

Starting Point

A Chicago-based financial services company, renowned as a leading direct bank and electronic payment services firm, needed to utilize the cloud as a catalyst for accelerating business agility, enhancing operational resilience, and driving productivity and innovation. The client knew they needed to transition to the public cloud within the Financial Services industry while prioritizing the utmost security for their data and access. With the blistering acceleration of technology adoption within the industry, they knew they had to remain focused on aligning the platform's highly secured architecture with their overall business goals, ensuring repeatability, and achieving speed-to-market objectives.

The Problem

As the client sought to transition to the public cloud, ensuring the security of their data and access became a paramount concern. The development of their first-generation data lake platform in the cloud demanded a comprehensive understanding of devOps and devSecOps practices, a complex area of development for which the client also lacked internal expertise and guidance. Keeping both the platform and the project aligned with the firm’s overall business goals while maintaining speed-to-market objectives was quickly becoming untenable for the client alone. To navigate these challenges, the client understood the need for the guidance and partnership of a consultant with proficiency in the public cloud security space and extensive experience in devOps and devSecOps. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity partnered with the client to help build and implement an AWS Data Lake while making sure to focus on data and access security. This platform provided secure storage, efficient data processing, and advanced analytics capabilities. The client was informed and assisted throughout the streamline development and deployment, and established a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline which automated the AWS infrastructure using Terraform. The client launched their first secure production workload in the cloud, enabling faster deployment of future environments. They reduced the need for expanding their on-premises data center, and their cloud platform was continuously monitored for threats. The client now has the ability to scale up easily without worrying about hardware and can perform advanced analytics to stay competitive. CG Infinity guided the client through a complex transition and empowered them to achieve their ambitions.


Financial Services


Chicago, IL



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