Case Study

Enhanced Customer Experience Leads to Lower Attrition Rates

Starting Point

A leading mid-size retail energy company with a long regional history and decades of experience was looking to expand their services to every retail energy market in the nation. They wanted to broaden their reach beyond C&I (Commercial & Industrial) or B2B offerings to join the mass market and include B2C services for household energy consumers across the country. They had recently been acquired by a large multinational transitioning away from their traditional purview of oil & gas to the wider energy sector, which offered the client the resources to expand and spurred the ambition. The client wanted to build a world-class IT system and redefine positive customer experience for the retail energy market.

The Problem

However, the client’s IT system at the time was incompatible with their ambitions, creating friction at touchpoints within and without the company and slowing growth to a crawl. Their CRM software was outdated and unhelpful, causing frustration and difficulties in attracting new customers and retaining current ones. They used multiple billing engines, which created confusion among both employees and consumers. These were problems that demanded solutions for the client to grow into the premier nationwide retail energy provider it needed to be. They brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity was engaged for our stellar Salesforce implementation record and for our long years of proven success in building and implementing customer focused retail energy platforms. Following an introductory research and envisioning stage, CG Infinity broke up the client’s long-term plan into monthly and six-week phases. This allowed the client to more easily manage their transition and created more transparency between the client and CG Infinity. In the first phase, in a period of just five weeks, CG Infinity successfully integrated the client into the Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud from scratch. This added much needed efficiency and reach compared to the client’s old CRM system, permitting the growth they require. CG Infinity also made use of Amazon Connect, Salesforce Voice, and Mulesoft Integration to improve both the data management and the customer experience of the client’s call center, creating something new and state of the art for the client. Following on the heels of the first phase, CG Infinity has become a key execution partner in helping the client build a world class Customer Experience platform that can be leveraged in all global energy markets


Energy + Utilities


Houston, TX



Key Technology


"“CG Infinity has played an integral role for our implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. They not only brought the technical expertise but the industry domain knowledge as well. They are highly effective communicators to leadership and allow for a concise message. We have continued to use CG Infinity on subsequent stages of our project that include implementations of other Salesforce products.” "

–Chief Technology Officer