Case Study

Increased User Adoption Drives Regional Bank’s Financial Gains

Starting Point

A prominent regional bank based in the southern United States with nearly $8 billion in assets was in the midst of a multi-year digital transformation. This digital transformation would allow the client to greatly improve its customer experience and expand its reach to other regions while continuing to grow its assets. They wanted to replace their legacy Customer Experience systems with something more efficient and useful. As part of this transformation, the client had previously attempted a six-month implementation of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, but the results were less than satisfying.

The Problem

The most important component of the client’s digital transformation was the improvement of the client’s customer experience and the efficiency of their CRM. While the technology was in place, adoption lagged from key Lines of Business. Users were still relying on legacy reports and excel spreadsheets to manage pipeline and referral activities due to a lack of business specific reports from the CRM system. This disconnect exacerbated the issues as senior management continued to pressure the organization to increase adoption creating double entry into the new CRM platform and the legacy spreadsheets. The client reached out to CG Infinity to help with the growing crisis.

The Solution

CG Infinity leveraged our experience with Salesforce and financial institutions to establish a framework to create meaningful Dashboards and Reports for the business. This framework consisted of an integrated approach between the CG Infinity team, the client’s Salesforce team and key business leaders. Using this approach, the joint team ensured strong integration with the needs of the business and the design of the Dashboards in the CRM system. During two quick value delivery engagements, the team addressed needs with the Retail and Commercial Lines of business with a focus on User Activity, Leads, Opportunities and Campaigns. The CG Infinity team used our previous experience with banks to engage business leaders using their business processes and nomenclature to develop Dashboards and Reports that were meaningful and impactful. The team also established Best Practices and a methodology that the internal team made their own to be self-sufficient in developing new Dashboards and Reports. This focus will provide the client ongoing value long after the consulting team completed its engagement and is a key approach at CG Infinity.


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"CG Infinity provides us with a unique business perspective that many Salesforce implementers simply do not possess. Their ability to bring real-world experience and Best Practices to our team made all the difference to us. This capability coupled with their strong technical expertise makes CG Infinity a valuable partner."

–Senior VP of Digital Transformation