Case Study

Driving Efficiencies and Customer Satisfaction

Starting Point

A commercial bank that offers innovative private wealth management, investment banking, commercial and retail solutions, consumer lending, and business banking was looking to evolve their white-glove service through the judicious application of technology. The bank wanted to streamline and smooth their customer experience as much as possible and create a specific digital front door for their clients to access services and accounts. With everything accelerating digitally in both the general consumer and Financial Services space, the bank knew they had to quickly adapt or risk being left behind.

The Problem

The bank's desire to integrate platforms without the right resources lead to inefficient processes and created problems for the business. The client lacked our internal expertise needed to make such a digital transition and could spare neither the the time nor resources to cultivate it within a reasonable timeframe. In previous attempted digital integration projects, the bank had experienced poor luck with other consultants, leaving them wary of the process as a whole. However, in order to stay competitive, the bank knew they had to find a trusted partner to assist them through their digital transition. They reached out to CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity’s well-rounded knowledge and experience as former bankers made for an ideal partnership to achieve our clien'ts goals. Following an introductory discovery stage, CG Infinity began migrating the various systems and data from the bank’s legacy infrastructure into Banno by Jack Henry. CG Infinity set standard benchmarks for the progress of the project with regular stand-ups to make sure both sides of the partnership were up to date and capable of making real-time decisions together. The integration came in on time and on budget. The bank’s customers could now view their wealth accounts alongside their banking accounts. This partnership allowed the bank to utilize technology and provide the high-touch customer service their clients have come to expect.


Financial Services


Northeast, USA



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