Case Study

Driving Successful Cloud Transformation

Starting Point

A prominent insurance provider made a strategic decision to prioritize a "Cloud First" approach across their enterprise to foster innovation, increase agility, accelerate speed to market, and achieve scalability. The client recognized the transformative potential of cloud technology and aimed to leverage the numerous benefits it offers in order to gain competitive advantage within their industry. They needed to extend cloud suitability, access, and options across their three divisions while developing application recommendations along with a plan to migrate their entire service to the cloud.

The Problem

Recognizing the critical importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry, the client understood the need to harness the power of the cloud to remain competitive. However, their limited institutional knowledge and experience in this area posed a significant obstacle. They also had to reckon with the fact that they had three divisions each with different needs in terms of data storage, access, and security. Their initial attempt to internally manage these diverse challenges stalled the project in its tracks, leading to time delays along with ballooning costs. To accomplish their goals while also achieving speed to market and maintaining competitiveness within their space, they realized they needed to consult with external expertise. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity partnered with the client to conduct interviews with over 150 technology and business managers and utilized automated tools to capture and analyze more than 400GB of data. Based on this extensive analysis, we established cloud migration dispositions and developed a detailed migration plan, including tactical steps for each application and a migration backlog in Jira. This process enabled informed decisions and ensured a smooth transition to the cloud. The partnership facilitated a future-state architecture, including guidance on cloud readiness, custom automated tooling, proof-of-concept pilot migrations, and a three-year cost projection model. CG Infinity helped guide the client to a comprehensive plan, valuable insights, and the necessary expertise to maximize the benefits of their cloud adoption.


Northeast, USA