Case Study

Navigating the Complexities of a Cloud-Based Transition

Starting Point

A company responsible for managing up to 16 figures in annual transactions recognized the need to transition to the cloud to meet the evolving demands of its customers. They realized they had to rebuild three decades' worth of mainframes within the Amazon Web Services cloud and embrace an agile, component-based development approach. The company aimed to establish itself as the foremost provider of post-trade processing services with a swift and adaptable platform that expanded its capabilities. This required updating its infrastructure, tools, and software development processes. The client knew that successfully following through on this project would enhance flexibility and agility, allow them the ability to experiment with new features, and keep up with the rapid pace of change demanded by its clients.

The Problem

The client aimed to achieve this transition while upholding the existing mainframe infrastructure, including its security, speed, and consistency, which proved complicated. Achieving these goals across different regions emerged as crucial factors for the project's success. One particular hurdle involved reconciling the client's requirements with the capabilities of AWS, as it became apparent their needs pushed the boundaries of what AWS could provide. They soon realized transitioning from a centralized to a decentralized architecture represented not only a monumental technological shift but introduced organizational challenges as well. The team had previously been structured to support vertically-scaled systems, but the move to cloud necessitated a reevaluation of the organization's business processes. They realized these various challenges required the expertise of a third-party consultant to navigate successfully. The client brought in CG Infinity.

The Solution

CG Infinity partnered with the client to restructure their organization into autonomous and efficient small teams tasked with constructing horizontally scaled systems based on microservices or small engines. The collaboration between the client, AWS, and CG Infinity resulted in a groundbreaking three-way partnership that pushed the boundaries of what was deemed possible, ultimately delivering a transformative solution for the client. The team came up with a foundational approach where they constructed the platform on a unified, modular, and cloud-native architecture. By harnessing the best capabilities of the cloud, this architecture laid a strong groundwork for rapid evolution and future enhancements while allowing customers to seamlessly interact with a diverse range of standard protocols and interfaces. The CG Infinity team guided the client beyond software development, equipping them with the necessary resources, processes, and tools required to sustain the platform over time. CG Infinity ensured the client not only received a cutting-edge solution but also gained a support system to accompany its ongoing growth and adaptation.


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